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Here I leave you a fanfic I made a few months ago but i haven’t published it yet, and since Telephone the new Lady GaGa Video is coming up on Thursday I think it could be cool to Post it.

Lady Gaga was in love of her best friend (Bad Romance)but a lot of men was trying to get her as their woman, but she only wanted her beloved (alejandro) and after she could finally get him, She realized he was not a normal person nor Human, he was something else, something she had never seem before (monster), but she accepted him or it and fell even more because all his weirdness; But one night, all her happiness fade away as He broke up with her (Speechless).

Soon enough Lady GaGa found a new Crush as she was trying to leave all her problems on the dance floor(Dance In The Dark), but this new guy was nothing like her beloved, This new guy was obsessed with her, he kept track on her always calling her and texting her (Telephone).

Finally, Lady GaGa could get rid off the annoying guy, and Realised that the happiness cannot be found in Some else but in herself within (So Happy I Could Die), but then Another unnatural Boy showed up and since she had experience, she knew exactly what to do with this new Boy-Vamp, only please herself with his sex (Teeth).


**This is a FanFic I’ve Made based on the List of Tracks of  The Fame Monster CD.

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