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From the Moment I read that Disney was making a new Movie for Alice in Wonderland, I just get out of my mind, Alice in Wonderland (The Classic) is one of the best movie Disney have ever made, so as the time passed and the cast was announced I got even more exciting knowing the fact that Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway was part of the Movie and that was directed by TIM BURTON!!!!! I almost got a HEART ATTACK!!

Since that moment I started searching like crazy for the books so I could read them before the Movie and May I say that Lewis Carroll was one of the brightest mind that the world could ever have, Alice in Wonderland & Alice through the mirror glass are the best books I’ve ever read, not mention that  are Sanity insane and full of surprises and wonderful things happen when you least expect them.

And may I say knowing already the plot of Movie because I have read the first Draft of the Script,  that Disney have made a PERFECT job getting this two books together just as they did with the first movie,  the characters, the places and of course the Insanity Sane touch that Lewis Carrol gave to the Books,  Makes me believe that this is gonna be the best movie of  this Decade, so I can’t wait until this friday that is the World Première, and guess what?


PS: If you are interested in reading the first draft  script of Alice in Wonderland, You can download it here and now for free, Just click in the link below and Save the .Pdf archive.

Alice in Wonderland First Draft Script

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